Why Host?

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ACS on Campus Panel

"The talk on publishing a paper and all steps involved in the process was exceptionally useful and helpful for the future."

Rebecca Hylton, Graduate Student
University College London, United Kingdom

Why should you host acs on campus?

Professional development is the missing piece

The purpose of ACS on Campus is to provide graduate students, post-docs, and non-tenured researchers and faculty with the necessary skills to thrive in today’s job market. Sessions focus on:

  • Determining careers of interest
  • Finding a job
  • Publishing
  • Earning grant funding, fellowships, and awards
  • Effectively using research tools like SciFinder® and ACS journals online
  • Networking
  • Advocating for science and chemistry
  • Communicating science to chemists and non chemists alike


What is the value for students and faculty?

Understand the breadth of career paths

Half of your students will not work in academia. Where are they getting training in the skills they’ll need to join a rapidly transforming workforce?

Learn how a paper goes from submitted to published

Most graduate students never see the “back end” of the publishing process. Our seminars give them a behind-the-scenes look at peer-review.

Practice composing grant proposals to secure funding

Obtaining grant funding and publishing are the two biggest challenges for a researcher. As a funding organization, we have the expertise to guide applicants in this process.

Use the right tools at the right time for maximum efficiency in the lab

Using SciFinder® and ACS journals expertly can be the difference between spending one day at computer versus two weeks in the lab. Learn about maximizing the power of these tools.

Sign Up For An Event

Time and time again students tell us that they value ACS on Campus because the program provides information and resources they cannot find anywhere else. Encourage your students to register today.  If there’s not an event in your area, find out how it works and help bring one to your campus.

Course Modules

ACS on Campus modules feature seminars in publishing, career development, and web resources like SciFinder®. Learn more about our modules.