How It Works

ACS on Campus brings the entire ACS to you.

ACS on Campus was a total success and the participating students and faculty obtained a lot from it. Keep up the good work."José A. Prieto, Faculty

University of Puerto Rico

How it Works

What is ACS on Campus?

ACS on Campus is an initiative of the American Chemical Society dedicated to helping students, post-docs, and faculty members advance in their careers. This outreach opportunity brings leaders in chemistry, publishing, research, science communication and career development to university campuses to present seminars and workshops focused on how to:

  • Publish in top journals
  • Find a job
  • Effectively use research tools like SciFinder® and ACS ChemWorx
  • Communicate your science
  • Write grant proposals
  • Build industry partnerships
  • Prepare for a changing employment landscape

How does the program work?

Based on the goals of the host campus, ACS assists with the planning and execution of a 1-2 day event that offers modules designed by:

  • ACS Careers
  • ACS Publications
  • Chemical Abstracts Service® (CAS)
  • Education Division of the ACS
  • ACS Office of Public Affairs
  • ACS Petroleum Research Fund (PRF)
  • Office of International Activities

Course Modules

A typical agenda for ACS on Campus will include modules from three core content areas: Career Development & Planning, The Publishing Process, and Research Resources in addition to the other areas listed on our website.

ACS will work with campuses to develop an event agenda that addresses the needs and goals of the campus. The format and content can be tailored for each event. Learn more about our modules.

ACS works with the host campus to:

  • Design a 1-2 day event with an agenda based on a variety of modules from content areas listed on our website
  • Locate and secure a venue on campus
  • Promote the event throughout campus and to the surrounding community
  • Identify speakers and invite attendees from across the pure and applied sciences
  • Assist with the creation of promotional materials and logistics of the day’s events including catering and audiovisual needs
  • Coordinate a Science Café networking event the evening before with the participation of ACS local section members

Who should attend?

While open to the public, the current menu of modules features content appropriate for:

  • Graduate students
  • Post-doctoral researchers
  • Undergraduates
  • Faculty members
  • Non-faculty researchers
  • ACS members