Publishing Your Research 101

Practical Guidelines for authors, reviewers, and aspiring researchers.


To deal with the chemistry research development, we cannot proceed without ACS and ACS on Campus tells us how and how far we...

Saikat Das, Undergraduate
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Communicate your research more effectively.

Why is PYR 101 for you?

The Publishing Your Research 101 video series helps authors and reviewers understand how to get a manuscript accepted, respond to reviewer comments, navigate ethical considerations, and improve their manuscript submission process experience.

Based on ACS on Campus’ interactive sessions, the video series includes interviews with prominent authors and editors of ACS journals who provide insights and answers from their own perspectives, and the perspectives of their journals.

Benefits of Publishing Your Research 101

  • Help with writing your first research publication
  • Improve writing skills
  • Learn more about the scholarly communication process
  • Look for ways to help students become authors and reviewers

Explore All 10 Episodes

Episode 1 - How to Write a Paper to Communicate Your Research

About this episode

The first episode in our series is an interview with Professor George M. Whitesides from Harvard University who has published nearly 600 papers with ACS Publications, and over 1100 articles overall, and has served on the advisory boards of nine peer-reviewed journals.

Episode 2 - Writing Your Cover Letter

About this episode

Finally, the article is ready for submission. Now you need to write a cover letter. Is it that important? Do you really need to spend another few hours writing the cover letter, and then perhaps a couple days to allow your co-authors time to review, comment, and agree? Four of our journal editors share their views on the cover letter and how it can help them understand the significance of your work for their journal, and in the discipline.

Episode 3 - Selecting Peers to Suggest as Reviewers

About this episode

In the third episode in our publishing series, our editors will provide some tips to help you decide whom to suggest as reviewers for your article. The reviewers will not only make recommendations on whether or not the work should be published, but on its suitability for the journal. They will also make comments and suggestions to help you improve the quality and clarity of your manuscript, and perhaps even to improve your science.

Episode 4 - Submitting Your Manuscript Using the ACS Paragon Plus Environment

About this episode

In the fourth episode in our publishing series, we focus on the manuscript submission process itself, providing a guide to navigating ACS's Paragon Plus peer review environment. While the demonstration and discussion are based on the ACS submission system, many of the comments address issues that are applicable to publishers in general.

Episode 5 - Ethical Considerations for Authors and Reviewers

About this episode

In the fifth episode of our publishing series, we focus on the ethical considerations in scholarly publishing. Ethical behavior in research and publication form the foundation of scientific discovery and communication. Simply put, experiments should be performed and communicated honestly and with integrity, and attribution should be given to acknowledge the contributions of others.

Episode 6 - The Review Process for Authors and Reviewers

About this episode

Our editors examine some specific ways in which these principles apply during the publication and peer review process and highlight some of the common problems that arise from both authors and reviewers.

Episode 7 - Open Access and ACS AuthorChoice

About this episode

Marnett discusses open access, why he selects the ACS AuthorChoice option when publishing in ACS journals and notes that selecting the AuthorChoice option has no impact on whether an article will be accepted for publication, which is offered after a manuscript has been accepted.

Episode 8 - Tips for English as a Second Language Speakers

About this episode

There are four parts to this episode. Gus Scuseria (Spanish), Jin Zhang (Chinese), and Jinwoo Cheon (Korean), in their native languages, discuss the strategies they used to become proficient in writing in English and also describe the techniques they use now to help their students. All three editors contribute to the fourth part, discussing their tips in English.

Episode 9 - The Basics of Copyright and Fair Use

About this episode

There are two parts to this episode. The first part of this episode looks at what copyright is, what happens when you transfer copyright to a publisher, and what rights you as an author retain when you transfer copyright. The second part discusses fair use, which are exceptions to copyright when certain conditions apply.

Episode 10: My Manuscript Has Been Accepted! Now What?

About this episode

There are three parts to this episode. The first part has an overview of the production and publication process. The second gives tips to avoid common mistakes that increase publication times. Finally, the third has tips for ensuring high quality graphics.

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