Why attend?

Get published. Find a job. Get the skills you need.

ACS on Campus Students

"Thanks for lending your time and insights. I feel better prepared. It was a valuable experience!"


Colleen Reynoso, Graduate Student
Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Why Should you attend?

It’s simple.

ACS on Campus is dedicated to preparing students like YOU (graduate students, and post-docs) for the professional hurdles you’ll face in the years to come. Whether you stay in academia or head elsewhere, you’ll need skills to:

  • Find a job
  • Publish in top journals
  • Earn grant funding, fellowships, and awards
  • Effectively use research tools like SciFinder® and ACS journals online
  • Network
  • Advocate for science and chemistry
  • Communicate your science to chemists and non chemists alike


Who should attend?

While open to the public, currently the menu of modules features content appropriate for:

  • Senior undergraduates who plan on attending PhD granting institutions for graduate school
  • Graduate students
  • Post-doctoral researchers
  • Non-faculty researchers
  • Tenure-track faculty


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