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Top 10 Tips for Managing Your Data

Follow these tips to manage research data effectively, meet funder compliance, and ensure your findings have long-lasting value to the scientific community.

10 Tips for Creating Abstracts with Substance and Style

What is the one thing you can do today that will most impact the readership of your article? Learn to create an impactful title, abstract, and TOC graphic.

Top 10 Tips for Cultivating Your Scientific Presentation Skills

How can you give effective presentations that engage your audience and shine a light on your research? Follow these ten tips to start on the pathway to becoming a professional presenter.

10 Tips for Lab Safety

Laboratory work can be dangerous. Learning how to work responsibly in lab is a journey that requires learning some rules but more importantly, fully embracing a lab safety mindset. Follow these ten tips to start down the path to a safer lab experience.

Top 10 Tips for Peer Review

Navigating peer review as a first-time author or reviewer can be difficult. Follow these tips to become a pro at peer review, to see it as an adventure and an opportunity for professional growth.

Top 10 Tips for Open Access Publishing

Choosing the right journal that allows you to meet your funders' open access policy is new territory. ACS offers fully open access journals, hybrid journals, and licenses to allow authors around the world to meet funders’ policies.

Top 10 Tips for Ethical Authorship

Observance of high ethical standards is vital to the scientific community. Follow these tips to make sure your research is published responsibly.

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